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SkuxxVerse is a unique metaverse project which grants its token holder exclusive access to its custom built metaverse while simultaneously developing a metaverse portfolio with the community wallet and rewarding holders via Wrld$ airdrops.


  • Q1:After Mint

    Fully minted, set up community wallet, scope out set up for DAO, begin token distribution, hire staff and developers, continue purchasing worlds through the community wallet, host beta PvP tournaments for verified holders, enter into agreement with verified world builder, complete initial world rollout.

  • Q2:Gameplay

    Fully equipped gameplay experience for initial world rollout, continue developing worlds through verified world builder, establish partnerships with other projects that fit the ethos of SkuxxVerse, community vote on world themes, community vote on potential tenants via the Renting mechanism

  • Q3:Development

    Continued development of worlds, personal real estate rollouts based on number of passes and pass types, purchase more NFT worlds, launch full SkuxxVerse world experiences for developed worlds, community vote on potential tenants via the Renting mechanism

  • Q4:End Gameplay

    Continued development of worlds, research brand partnerships, community vote on potential tenants via the Renting mechanism/p>

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